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According to the new guidelines for advertising regulated health services, testimonials about our services are prohibited.

Listed below are personal achievements of our patients and we are simply and only congratulation them on doing so. They are not promoting our / any services related to this website or our clinic in any way or form. They simply demonstrate that we are in contact with everyday people and that we do care for them in a Christian Way.

AthleteTony – Sporting Injuries and Pain

Awesome work Tony for recently winning an amateur boxing fight! 1 week prior to his fight, Tony had almost to cancel it due to a severe shoulder injury.

With many hard training sessions his opponent stood no chance. Tony domineered the fight with plenty of power to spare. Looking forward to join you for some more hard training session, keep up the good work Champ!

Dec 2013Gold Coast

Gold Coast

mario 4mariomario 3mario 2

Mario Sabatino – Allergies

Mario was eating imported shellfish that was treated with sodium metabisulfite ( he suspected that the shellfish was imported from china and was overdosed with the preservative). He suffered from a blistering, itchy rash that extended over all his body. The final result was that his skin ended peeling like a snake, all over his body.

Mario told us that the doctors he was seeing gave him antibiotics to treat the visible signs of his ailment, however even with the blood test etc. they conducted they failed to diagnose the full extent of his illness; he even ended up in hospital! It was terrible time for him. We all are glad that he his is feeling better now.

Jul 2007 Brisbane


Pete -weight lossaPete – Weight Loss

Pete told us that he had a tough time with losing weight and feeling tired.

Recently he changed his lifestyle and began losing weight – 17kg!!!

He said: My Cloths fit me again I can look in the mirror again with love and affection and know whom I am. Look forward to tasting all my new menu each week and unbelievable amount of energy that I now have. There was a time in there it was sluggish but two hours each day walking and taking in my new life is superb, no shortness of breath, my cholesterol has returned to a normal range again, no pains in the legs the list just keeps getting bigger.

Congratulations Pete, we are so happy for you and keep up the good work.

Jan 2014 Gold Coast


RosmaRosma Napitupulu

For 20 years I constantly suffered from chronic lower back pain. It was constantly triggered by cold weather and heavy lifting. I was unable to move freely. Bending over or sleeping on my back was almost impossible. I visited many practitioners in Indonesia including a bone specialist whose advice was to have surgery, biopsy and an injection! With no pain relief I kept on trying to see other doctors to help remove the pain. I even had numerous traditional massages but only gained temporary pain relief. Still suffering with my complaint, my daughter took me to Singapore in year 2003. I visited one of the top specialists and an MRI revealed that I had a bulged disc between L4/5. The Doctor said there is no cure for this problem but to avoid exposing myself to the above trigger factors and to do more exercise.

Rosma met me during my lecture trip in Indonesia, She told me that she feels much better now, I am so happy for the pain to have gone and my prayers are with her that she will never feel this pain again.

5th Sep 2006 Jakarta