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Acupuncture / Biomesotherapy / Biopuncture / Prolotherapy/ Neuraltherapy


Biomesotherapy / Biopuncture / Prolotherapy/ Neuraltherapy are relatively new therapies  to Australia but are very popular in Europe and the US. The principal techniques of these treatments date back to Germany  to the mid-50s.

A sterile solution is injected into pressure points, sub dermally, into acupuncture points or even around joints. The injection is designed to stimulate the deeper organ systems and is known to produce a cutivisceral response. Injections will be given in more than one spot during each session. Pain or discomfort is minimal.
These therapies are most useful in the regulation of both acute and chronic muscular-skeletal conditions ranging from sprain and strain, to osteoarthritis, general pain management, pain caused by shingles, phantom pain, as an aid in detoxification, nausea, hiccups, allergies, vomiting, menstrual pain and even hormonal dysfunction etc. by stimulating the body’s own healing and balancing mechanisms.

These therapies are drug free and do not present unpleasant side effects commonly associated with some orthodox medications.