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Skin Needling Beauty Treatments

Our technique utlizes an electronic device that uses multiple fine needles to vertically pierce the skin.
This causes collagen remodeling and enhances skin rejuvenation.
Unlike needle rollers, it uses a precisely-controlled stamping method to reach a set depth in the skin while minimizing excess damage to the epidermis.


Acne Scarring -Dermapen

Clinical Effects:

• skin tightening, lifting, rejuvenating

• acne scar remodeling

• fine wrinkle smoothing

• stretch mark flattening and smoothing

• scar remodelling

Treatment Features:

• anti-aging serum is applied during the treatment

• aftercare regimen is prescribed

• sun avoidance and sun protection is a must after treatment

• minimal discomfort with treatment


How many treatments are necessary to achieve a good response?

Improvement is seen with each treatment but a series of 3-8 treatments is best to achieve optimal results.

How far apart are treatments done?

Treatments can be repeated every 4-8 weeks.

Is it safe for darker skin types?

Since no melanin-absorbing laser and no heat are involved, the therapy is relatively safer than lasers, such as IPL, for darker skin types.

Is it painful?

The device uses very fine needles and it is relatively comfortable. A topical numbing cream is all that is needed.

How long is each treatment?

One treatment session requires about 1 hour.